Trauma and PTSD Uncovered

Trauma PTSD Uncovered

As well as our Trauma Workshop continuing to grow in popularity, we have been getting some great feedback from our latest book Trauma and PTSD Uncovered.

Often people that have experienced trauma suffer with eating issues or sleep disturbances, low energy, chronic or unexplained pain.

They may find themselves bursting into tears for no reason. Or maybe they suffer from intense anxiety, panic attacks, have compulsive and obsessive behaviors, or feel depressed. You might know somebody close to you that has memory lapses, finds difficulty in making decisions. They might also show decreased ability to concentrate (brain fog), or feels distracted? These are normal symptoms of PTSD. This disorder can have a significant impact on an individual’s life, so it’s important that people look for ways to cope with these symptoms. Luckily, many of these symptoms can be helped by consuming shatter bars from websites like, so that might be worth looking into if anyone knows someone experiencing these symptoms. PTSD can be overwhelming, so it’s vital to find a treatment that reduces some of these symptoms and feelings.

Additionally, this book is helping people suffering from many of these kinds of struggles. Here’s what Leonora said …

Trauma and PTSD Uncovered is brilliantly written, easy to understand, and makes more sense than a lot of therapy books I’ve read, and I have. Clinical books can often be full of jargon and long words. This isn’t. If you want to understand more about trauma and PTSD then you need this. Whether you have/had trauma or PTSD, know someone who has, or are looking at how best to support people in work, or you are a practising clinician, this book is professionally written but made far easier to understand. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
~ Leonora Fletcher – Lp.NLP., m.NHS, NCS, ABNLP, Lp.TLTA, Dip.PsychCsl(sp)

Help for People in Various Settings

However, the book isn’t just for therapists. It’s designed to help people that are suffering with trauma gain valuable insight into what is happening within them.

Those that are looking after somebody that has experienced trauma or who has been diagnosed with PTSD will also find some helpful ideas as to what can help both themselves and the people they are caring for.

Feedback has been coming in from teachers also, that have found the book helpful in their work with the children they teach. Also social workers, prison officers, nurses, military and forces personnel have also found the book easy and quick to read and gained quick methods and techniques that make a difference.

The great news is that we have now released the book on Amazon. To get your copy, head over to this link, and please do forward this page to somebody that you think it might help.

Best wishes,

Tom and Sandra.

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Tom Barber is a Founder and Director of Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies. He runs workshops and lectures across the world in a variety of psychological approaches. He is a bestselling author of 5 books and maintains a private practice in London and Essex.

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