Thinking Therapeutically – The Book

Discover how you can use proven techniques in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Psycho-Imagery and Dream Interpretation to help you with breaking through problems and gaining freedom in your life.

In Thinking Therapeutically #1 bestselling authors Dr Tom Barber and Dr Sandra Westland take you on a journey into the world of two experienced therapists as they recall their own enlightening journeys to becoming therapists.

Tom and Sandra then offer a number of verbatim accounts of their most memorable sessions, along with a personal processing of each session and, more importantly, a critical analysis of each other s work.

Therapists are often provided with a number of theories, approaches and techniques they are told will be therapeutic, but without any guidance as to whether they will help a particular client. This book provides an opportunity to see these ideas in action and gives some essential critique as to what did and what did not work in the sessions described. The authors offer us insight and guidance into the world of creativity which will open up to us when we engage with clients within their own paradigms.

Tom and Sandra bring their own personal touch to this book, never before seen with this degree of honesty and transparency. In sharing their work they provide both new and experienced therapists with unique insights that only the seasoned practitioner can possess.

This book deserves a place in the library of all therapists whether they are seasoned or newly emerging. - Fidelity - The Journal for the NCP.

It is one thing having strategies explained in a dry, clinical way but it is totally another to have the strategy theoretically explained and then, through the medium of the verbatim reporting of sessions, actually put to real use in such an open and compelling way. At times their clients almost become yours as you share each intense moment of the journey made. - David Slater BA, DHyp, MHA(RegHyp), MASC, DCS, MGSCT.

What you will learn in Thinking Therapeutically ...

  • Chapter 1: The Journey to Becoming a Hypnotherapist
    Tom’s Beginning
    Sandra’s Beginning
  • Chapter 2: Cognitive Behavioural Hypnosis and NLP in Action
    The Clenched Fist Auto Anchoring Technique
    Driving Test Anxiety
    The Theatre Screen Technique – Phobias
    The SWISH Technique – Confidence Building and Positivity
  • Chapter 3: Working Creatively with Imagery
    Dream Work – Emotional Intelligence
    Guided Affective Imagery – Eating Disorders
    Hypnohealing – IBS
  • Chapter 4: The Art of Analytical Work
    Regression Therapy – Gagging
    Hypnoanalysis – Weight Loss
    Parts Therapy – Shyness and Self-Esteem

Every therapist will find value herein. Pick up this book and keep it at the ready in your office. - Kevin Hogan, PsyD.

The reader is given a candid, open peephole into the therapy room, where Tom and Sandra share their successes, fears, feelings and insights; not to mention their ‘compare and contrast’ comments of one another’s sessions. Novice and seasoned therapists alike can benefit from this rare opportunity to learn from and reflect on the practical and emotional journey within the therapy room for both the client and the therapist. - Penny Parks.

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