The Therapist and Coach Marketing Masterclass

“Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go.” – Seth Godin

Therapist Marketing Masterclass

If you are struggling to take the next step toward seeing paying clients …
or … if you are in practice and don’t seem to be getting the clients you want or need … then this course is for you!

Tom Barber & Sandra Westland

“When we first started in practice, things were very different on the marketing front. Just about all we needed to do was place a yearly advert in Yellow Pages (remember that!?) and the phone would begin to ring. We’d maybe send out a few mailshots once or twice per year or do an open evening, but that was about it. No internet, no Google, no Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram … any of it.

Over the years we have had to adapt to the ever-changing world of marketing and we have made some HUGE mistakes costing lots of money. We’ve learnt methods, techniques, approaches and philosophies around marketing that worked for a while, and then stopped working, so we know how hard it is to keep up, keep relevant and stay in the game, and what to do to consistently bring clients to you, such as using ppc management services to help boost your page revenue.

We want to show you how to do this from our decades of learning, so you can take control of your marketing, not let it take over your life, and enjoy what you do best … therapy. We look forward to passing all that we have learnt on to you in an easy and digestible way.” – Sandra Westland & Tom Barber.

Here is your chance to ‘Bring Your Practice to Life’ and make it the success you deserve

Learn in ONE day how to build an ongoing stream of paying clients

Learn the secrets of marketing and attracting clients that the successful coaches and therapists don’t want you to know!


This marketing masterclass will:

  • Give you the keys to building a profitable practice that you can maintain without getting overwhelmed.
  • Explore any limitations and restrictions you hold over yourself that you might not even be aware of.
  • Focus you in on the subtleties of marketing yourself where you should be focusing your efforts.
  • Inform you about direct/indirect marketing strategies, some of which are incredibly easy and quick.
  • Equip you with the knowledge to build a successful website including where to get it and how to build it.
  • Give you access to the keys to internet advertising (Facebook, pay per click, search engine optimisations, video, social media, etc)
  • Reduce the uncertainty of those first few sessions with clients so your confidence can begin to grow quickly as you go along.
  • Save you valuable time and money of making the classic mistakes that many therapists make in their marketing.

“Today it’s important to be present, be relevant and add value.” – Nick Besbeas

You will:

  • Learn about Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin and other highly lucrative marketing methods.
  • Have time to explore yourself and ‘you’ as a ‘therapist’ in practice.
  • Learn from those who are successfully in practice. How it happened, what worked, what didn’t and their initial concerns.
  • Be shown the nuts and bolts of marketing yourself and promoting your practice in a very unique way.
  • Be given the knowledge of working those first few sessions with clients and when you feel stuck – know what to do.
  • Learn the best way to leverage your time for money, such as working with groups – learn how to do it, what to charge, administration etc.

You will finish the day with a clear path as to how to plan your marketing and where to start first, what to do next and how to keep going in a manageable and efficient way.

We are going to pass on to you what has cost us literally tens of thousands of ££’s to work out through trial and error over many years.

To make it accessible however we are not going to charge anywhere near that, and as our goal at Contemporary College is not just to train the most competent therapists around, but also help you become equally as successful with your practice on a financial basis, then we want to offer this opportunity to as many people as possible. To make this happen we are offering you 3 payment options.

number_orange_1Option 1
Get access to the video recording of the day, with additional audio and text version
£67 plus VAT
number_orange_2Option 2
Book your place on the Therapist Marketing Masterclass
£127 plus VAT
number_orange_3Option 3
Book your place on the Therapist Marketing Masterclass – plus access to the video recording of the day, with additional audio and text version
£127 plus VAT





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Tom Barber is a Founder and Director of Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies. He runs workshops and lectures across the world in a variety of psychological approaches. He is a bestselling author of 5 books and maintains a private practice in London and Essex.

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