The Midas Touch – Secrets to Winning Big in Business and Life

Your abundant future is within your reach.

If you’ve been struggling with money, looking for love and abundance, or simply wondering if there’s more for you in life, then The Midas Touch can help you begin to shape your life in the way you have only dreamed of. If you’re also looking for other ways to become better with money, you may want to check out different investing 101 sites online to get you started with creating a more secure financial future for yourself and those around you.

Since the release of the hit book and movie The Secret, and for centuries before that, millions of people around the world have discovered the power of ‘The Law of Attraction’. They’ve learned that through their thoughts, actions, and beliefs they can create their own reality.

Each and every component of your life experience is attracted to you. This gives you tremendous power over your present and your future.

Like King Midas, everything you touch can turn to gold. Your money and financial assets, your health and vitality, your satisfaction with life, your happiness, and the love that surrounds you all happen because of the vision that you create and the thoughts that support your vision of an ideal life.


The Midas Touch is your roadmap to fully embracing the Law of Attraction. Learn from some of the most successful Law of Attraction coaches, practitioners, and students from around the globe, how they have used the power of attraction and intention, with incredible results.

The authors, including Joe Vitale (original star of The Secret), Dan Lok, Tom Barber, and Sandra Westland, of The Midas Touch have the experience and proven track records to show you how to leverage the Law of Attraction in your own life.

Learn from them as they share their life lessons, in which you’ll find that their practices, perspectives and personal stories of both success and failure will clarify your own personal path with the Law of Attraction. Their tips and strategies will help you achieve your vision for your future, and clear the path for you to get there quickly.


In the tidal wave of information at your fingertips, now more than ever, expert advice and guidance can be hard to find. Learning from other people’s struggles and successes gives you insights, a unique perspective and practical leading edge knowledge.

You now have access to real world stories from people who practice the Law of Attraction.

Regardless of where you are on your path, The Midas Touch is rich with practices, advice, insight, and stories that can help you achieve results faster.

You already possess everything you need to achieve your ideal life and vision of success, and to unlock your future. The Midas Touch is a gift to yourself as well as an investment in your abundant future.

Get your special offer copy now, and start to design the life you’ve always wanted, today!



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Tom Barber is a Founder and Director of Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies. He runs workshops and lectures across the world in a variety of psychological approaches. He is a bestselling author of 5 books and maintains a private practice in London and Essex.

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