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CCTS truly get it!
The design & content of the course and the personal considerations that I experienced as a student have really given me the foundation and the growth that I hoped for. Very professional, yet extremely relaxed and friendly throughout.

My journey on this course has been enjoyable and truly empowering in my personal/professional development. I have found the training genuinely inspirational and life changing on many levels. My clinical work has become more competent and effective with many more tools in my therapeutic kit.

I could not have achieved this without the support, patience and guidance of the Tutors who really care and whose work is of the highest ethical and professional standards. I truly cannot thank you enough!!

CCTS is one of the most comprehensive, supportive and professional learning environments I have ever encountered, in my many years of training. The tuition is excellent, delivered to a very high standard. You know that when you receive your diploma, you are ready, prepared and fully able to see clients.

Studying with CCTS gave me the confidence and professionalism that was lacking before I started. It is not just a place of in-depth study, but a place where I made incredible friends, had fun, and grew as a person and therapist. I didn't want it to end! Can't wait to start my second year!

I enjoy training with CCTS as the classes are relatively small in numbers which is a key factor for me in a training environment. The tutors are very approachable, and this is not restricted to within the classroom hours only.

I love the fact that we are able to learn not only from the course prospectus but also in having both Sandra and Tom as tutors we are able to gain knowledge from both of your different 'life' approaches and a wider viewpoint on how different methods suit you as individual therapists.

Because their team of tutors Tom, Sandra, Joan, Rob, Marisa and Tanya inspire you to look deep within yourself and change your life as well as giving you the tools to change other people's lives. They will teach you at the highest level with great warmth and compassion.

Training with CCTS will empower you and give you a new and exciting career path where you can reach your full potential and create harmony, determination and knowledge within yourself and others.

Because after becoming a practising hypnotherapist I meet lots of clients who have had previous experiences of hypnotherapy or counselling and it's then I realise how CCTS took you me to a level of therapy that some other therapists simply don't train to.

CCTS offers excellent training in a safe learning environment with staff that really care. When you join this course you're not just a number ... you're part of something special ... you're important, and most importantly ... you're heard.

Training with CCTS truly has been a life changing experience. I joined with the aim of understanding myself on a deeper level and came out with much, much more. After completing year one I feel like my eyes have been opened to how things can be, which has left me feeling empowered with regards to the direction of my life. The future is looking brighter, thank you CCTS!

After only one year of training you are competent enough to go out into the world as a therapist and set up your own practice. The course teaches an integrative approach to therapy which enables you, as the therapist, to tailor therapy sessions to your clients' needs and use different skills depending on what your client brings into the session.

Throughout the whole course, and after the course has finished, you are 100% supported by the tutors. You are continuously given feedback and at any time you feel unsure of anything, or are struggling with something the tutor's are always there to help you.

Everybody at CCTS is friendly, approachable and you are always encouraged to move out of your comfort zone and grow as not only a therapist, but an individual!


Many of our students continue training with us on our advanced courses, once they have completed their initial training. Here's what some of them say about their reasons for doing that.

Why continue training with CCTS?

As I am now in my third year of training with CCTS it is fair to assume that I have explored this question at least twice before. In fact I once asked why I should go on to study the counseling diploma and I was told with confidence, "because it's a good course". They were wrong, it's not a good course, it's an excellent course.

I have learned to grow and know I shall continue to look towards growing thanks to CCTS. I have learned about the true nature of the integrative approach of therapy. I have had access to advice regarding the practicality of practicing.

The college has designed its courses to be sure we are equip for life as practitioners, continually ensuring we are aware of safe practice for ourselves and our clients.

There is a sense of respect, support and a recognised value in each individual student, tutor and client alike that makes me feel good about becoming a therapist. There is also a sense of curiosity, challenge and excitement about the unique therapist I will be in the future thanks to CCTS.

When I first thought about why I should continue to train with CCTS, after two years of the most amazing journey through the study of therapy the answer that came straight to my mind was "why would I not want to do that?"

I for one have never looked back, I believe in CCTS and I feel that they believe in me, so why split up a good team!

I'd had such a good time during year 1 that it was a no brainer to continue my studies with CCTS. It's so easy to learn at CCTS. It's not like being taught, you almost absorb the information and training.

There are few courses for integrative psychotherapy / hypnotherapy where the college takes such a serious and genuine interest in the development of each of its students. I certainly have felt valued and encouraged to become the best of what I want to be.

As I have progressed beyond the first year, I have felt my confidence open and expand to such a degree that I have resigned my job and am now preparing to launch my own practice. This confidence comes from having had my strengths noticed, encouraged, nurtured and grown by the college.

In my third year now, I have expanded not only my knowledge in counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, but have found in each successive year that

I am gaining more in-depth knowledge that continues to expand me as a person and a therapist. For me, the most important reason for staying with CCTS for development after my 1st year is that the vital thread of the integrative approach has been maintained.

Clients are feeding back to me that they feel valued by me - and I believe that is because the flexibility of the integrative approach enables me to work with the client in a way that truly suits them, and me.

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