Reclaim Your Power and Smash Your Glass Ceiling

Imagine if you could discover your ‘hidden talents’, so you could thrive in life, at work, and in business, and play a ‘Bigger Game’. There is a way to uncover your ‘limiting ‘beliefs’ … to break free of constraints and barriers … and personally grow, exponentially

Sandra Westland shows you, in her award winning book, Smashing Your Glass Ceiling, how to enhance the ‘Feminine Leader Within’ – to confidently communicate and strengthen your powerful presence

Once you have transformed yourself through this book you will be able to …

  • Restore Your Natural Vibrancy – to Boldly Live Your Life and Create Your Future.
  • Live Life Balanced, Present, and Stress Free.
  • Take Control of our Feminine Power and Excel in ALL Areas.

After absorbing Sandra’s unique personal development strategies in Smashing Your Glass Ceiling, you can become energised, excited, and able to make profound changes, both personally and professionally.

Sandra helps you by sharing proven strategies that helped her move from a frustrated, mundane existence, to success in business, life and personal growth.

In Smashing Your Glass Ceiling you’ll learn …

  • Specifics on how to control your mind to create the desired outcome – no matter the current circumstance at hand.
  • The 7-level alignment technique to immediately stop procrastination and create new passion, more energy, and unending drive.
  • How to completely eliminate an unwanted behaviour, and harness the power to take charge of your life.
  • Powerful strategies to enable you to operate at optimum performance levels – even if you are having a bad day!
  • Strategies that will instantly give you added leverage to influence the people you communicate with.
  • How to eliminate fear, meet challenges head on, face setbacks, and experience FUN all at the same time … when you use this ONE simple method.

And … there’s much more…

Here’s what people are already saying about Smashing Your Glass Ceiling …


tine-tilmouth“This book represents a ‘must read’ for women from all walks of life, who have ever questioned their meaning in life, and craved for the help to make changes for the better. It’s all here … in one book, all the tools you need to smash the glass ceiling, and reach your true potential!” – Tina Tilmouth, Author, Teacher and Therapist.


raymond-aaron“This book will get you desiring to move forwards in your life, encourage you to challenge your beliefs, understand your values, find your passions and guide your life into the future of extraordinary business success, ultimately learning to be all that you can be.” – Raymond Aaron, New York Times Bestselling Author.



“This book takes you on an incredible journey of self-discovery. As an ex Business Director I wish this book had been written 10 years ago, to have helped me clarify in a clear and practical way, each step to take in getting to the top!” – Karen Francis, Mind and Behavioural Expert.



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Sandra Westland is a Founder and Director of Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies. She runs workshops and lectures across the world in a variety of psychological approaches. She is a bestselling author of 5 books and maintains a private practice in Essex, UK.

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