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Past Life Transpersonal Therapy Book Healing From The Other Side

The last 3 days have been a wonderful learning and teaching experience. We unveiled the brand new format of our Transpersonal Past Life Regression Therapy course in Tallinn, Estonia at the Transpersonaalse Psühholoogia ja Hüpnoteraapia Erakool Teadlik Mina, home of Professor Jure Biechonski.

It is always a pleasure to deliver training in Estonia as the reception we get and the warmth and love we are shown brings out the very best of us. Delivering with translators is also an interesting experience, as some of the philosophies and terminology that emanates from our existential take on what is a deeply transpersonal subject can lead to some interesting debates, and often some giggles.

As usual however the translators were incredible and did a wonderful job. Thank you Robert and Karrin.


The Past Life Transpersonal Therapy Book – Healing From The Other Side

As we ready ourselves for the forthcoming publication of Healing From The Other Side, the 3 days offered a valuable opportunity for revisiting the content of the book, and offered us some vital points that we will swiftly integrate into some of the chapters.

From its inception, the book has now become more than we ever imagined, and we are really excited to bring some of the most powerful tools, methods and philosophies to what will be presented in the complete guide to past life regression therapy.

What very much shines through at this stage is the fluid movement from within our existential philosophy to the transpersonal realms, where the search for meaning and purpose transcends the finite nature of the human existence. It’s an exciting journey, and one that has connected us to an even deeper passion for our psychotherapeutic work.

We’ll be going into greater detail of the new approach to transpersonal past life exploration we’ve developed over these last few years.


Included in Healing From The Other Side will be:

  • The purpose and power of the imagination and working in the imaginal world.
  • A delving into the collective unconscious.
  • The transpersonal lotus wheel of human experience.
  • Unfinished business and loops.
  • Karma, ether, aura, and the Akashic records.
  • Working with states of consciousness.
  • Aspects of Higher Self.
  • The Spirit Realms, where confrontation, the spirit guides, body choice and healing dialogue takes place.
  • Real client sessions, with processing and feedback of the effects of the sessions.

As the most complete theoretically driven process work we have released since the publication of Thinking Therapeutically in 2010 (although we’ve released a few other books in that time!) we cannot wait to approve the release.

Just a few more tweaks and we’ll be there!

If you want to keep up to date about the book release then join our new book Facebook page at

May Update – Healing from the Other Side launched and became an Amazon number 1 bestseller! Click here to get your copy!

Healing from the Other Side

All the best,

Tom and Sandra.


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