Past Life Transpersonal Therapy Certification

Past Life Transpersonal Therapy

With #1 Bestselling Authors, Dr Tom Barber and Dr Sandra Westland

Experience a Journey Through Time and Discover Who You Are, Why You’re Here, and How to Live a Meaningful Life ... through Past Life Transpersonal Therapy

Are you struggling to change aspects of your life, no matter how hard you try? Do you find you’re repeating the same patterns time and time again? Do you feel as if your life is ruled by fate, leaving you feeling out of control?

On our unique Past Life Transpersonal Therapy ™ certified regression training, you will discover how to:

  • Understand why your life has worked in the way that it has.
  • Experience a greater connection to yourself and other people.
  • Awaken your soul and discover a more enlightened existence.
  • Heal physical, emotional, and relational struggles.
  • Find your true purpose and align yourself to a meaningful life.
  • Learn how to expertly use the full 12-Step Past Life Transpersonal Therapy ™ (PLTT ™) regression process.

Our previous courses over the last few years have guided people through an amazing journey within their inner world, and we have seen some truly remarkable breakthroughs.

Since the release of Tom and Sandra's #1 bestselling book Healing from the Other Side, Past Life Transpersonal Therapy ™ has opened new, exciting, and uncharted doors into an incredible voyage of self discovery and self development.

Healing from the Other Side

Here is what some of the leading figures in the world of transpersonal and self improvement psychology are saying ...

Healing from the Other Side is an extraordinary book, taking you deeper into your own existence in a profound and loving way.”
Professor María Guadalupe Medina Gallardo, PhD, Founder of the Instituto de Psicoterapia Humanista, Mexico.

“Anyone who reads Healing from the Other Side will feel well-equipped to start doing Past Life Therapy themselves in a safe and structured way.”
Dr John Rowan, Author of The Transpersonal and The Reality Game.

“I fully recommend this wonderful, vibrant book for anyone looking to deepen their self-awareness and heal blocks, both physical and energetic.”
Glenn Harrold, Bestselling Author of The Answer.

Pragmatic, clear, positive, grounded, well-written, expressive, with a clear motivational tone and good examples. Tom and Sandra show hypnotic art at its best.’
Dr Vitor Rodrigues, Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Author of Terras de Mentes.

‘While many books are available regarding spiritual approaches to hypnosis and past lives, very few seem to be as credibly researched and referenced as this comprehensive book is.’
Roy Hunter, DIMDHA, DAPHP; Hypnosis Trainer and Published Author of The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis, The Art of Hypnosis and Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution.

This is what Monica said about her experience on the course ...

Monica"I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing experience I had when I attended the Past Life Regression Course. When I came, I had doubts; I didn't know anything about it. The professionalism and the patience you had when you presented it, was fantastic. When we experienced what it is like, it blew my mind. I had a lot of questions about myself, the way I am and the way I behave, a lot of "whys". I still don't know what's happened, I don't care if people believe, I know what I felt and what I "saw", and it makes sense to me and I have a lot of answers. I will use this with my clients, when I consider that it will help.
I highly recommend this course to anybody; it is an amazing tool to have and a wonderful experience. Many thanks for allowing me to enter this fantastic world!"

Aims of the Training

The ultimate aim of this course is to introduce the value of the imagination in mental health and personal growth and the understanding and application of Past Life Transpersonal Therapy to break down inner barriers and find freedom and connection to ones life.

Participants will cover the concept of past lives, the different underpinning philosophies, the transpersonal approach alongside the metaphysical world of Karma, akashic records and genetic memory.

The focus will be on self-exploration, understanding therapeutic intervention and the learning and demonstration of the skills required for undertaking the Past Life Transpersonal Therapy process (ethically and safely).


The Past Life Transpersonal Therapy ™ Syllabus

Day 1

  • Explore the past life phenomenon and the different approaches and how the psychotherapeutic approach is an in depth and effective technique for deep personal therapeutic change.
  • The multidimensional psyche and how Past Life Transpersonal Therapy™ is fundamental to the psychotherapeutic field and an individual’s exploration of themselves.
  • The transpersonal approach and the link to our physical, psychological and emotional health and how it connects with the greatest essence of you and creates a sense of both inner and outer unity.
  • An exploration and connections with your inner self, higher self and your soul where knowing really means enlightenment.
  • Beginning your personal journey into yourself, your past lives, your creative mind and your present day connections with yourself. The start of resolving “Why do I always ….”
  • Practical experiences (visualisations) taking you to the finding of your answers and the revealing of your questions that are just out of reach but that influence your life.
  • The essential psychotherapeutic skills as a practitioner.
  • Ethics, contraindications and working therapeutically.

Day 2

  • What is it that you carry within you? A look into your karma and what is influencing your actions today. It’s a fascinating exploration that enlightens what you are drawn to doing time and time again.
  • How genetic memory and the collective unconscious are your personal atmosphere in this life.
  • The nature of time. Your time, the universal time and there being no linear time. Knowing how to change your past changes your present and reshapes your future.
  • The awareness of your unfinished business that you are creating, what this means and how to break free.
  • The fascinating exploration of the Akashic records and your records. It all makes sense when you think about it and it give you back control in your life.
  • Raising your vibrations to raise your consciousness, your awareness and your experiencing.
  • The beginning of the Past Life Transpersonal Regression process. The hypnotic trance and the altered state of consciousness. Understanding why and how the technique works.
  • A demonstration of the first part of the Past Life Transpersonal Therapy™ technique. The how’s, the whys and the what ifs! Don’t you wonder where you might go?
  • The answering of many questions in your life and connecting with the greater essence of you.

Day 3

  • How to find your unfinished business and your karma that is in need of balancing. There is no bad or good karma, there is just karma.
  • The healing power of the spirit realm where meeting your guides and gaining their ultimate wisdom is the transition from cognitive knowing to embodied growth and change.
  • The opportunity to explore your body and the gifts it give you no matter how it is right now for you.
  • The unique PLTT™ dialoging process that joins up past, present, and future life learning.
  • The complete process of Past Life Transpersonal Therapy – the 12 steps. Demonstration and practice.
    Experience the ultimate creative healing of this approach for yourself so you can help others there too.

Course Leaders

Dr Sandra Westland and Dr Tom Barber are both highly experienced practitioners in working with transpersonal aspects of psychology and psychotherapy. They bring over 40 combined years of training and experience to the PLTT™ certification. They have worked over the last decade to formulate a deeper blending of existential philosophy and transpersonal aspects of existence.

Their work brings together realms such as Neuro Linguistic Programming and Phenomenology, Non-ordinary states of consciousness and Existentialism, Experiential strategic therapy and Philosophy. Their diverse experience and openness to the human experience shines through in their teaching, writing, therapy and coaching.

Past Life Transpersonal Therapy

Course and Certification Fees

To check the fees payable for your 3 day PLTT ™ course, please enquire to your chosen venue at the 'Booking' link below.

Certification as a Past Life Transpersonal Therapist with inclusion on the Register of Past Life Transpersonal Therapists (RPLTT) is provided upon completion of the required assessment process, which is guided by your local PLTT™ Certification provider. Details of the required coursework for this certification is below.


Assessment for Certification

To receive the PLTT™ Certification the following assessment process must be satisfactorily achieved. This must be submitted within 6 months of course completion.

1. A reflective journal of your course experience, demonstrating:

  1. What you learned (theoretically/personally).
  2. What you thought/felt about what you learned.
  3. How this impacted you.
  4. How you feel about being able to work as a professional Past Life Transpersonal Therapist. The practicalities (venue/your resilience) and your worries/concerns.

2. 2 x Process Reports demonstrating Past Life Transpersonal Therapy. Transcripts of an actual session with your own thoughts, feelings and why you did what you did.

3. Short answer question paper showing theoretical and practical understanding of the PLTT™ process and ethical practice.


Booking Your Place

If you would like us to run a Past Life Transpersonal Therapy™ certified training in your location, then please get in touch. We currently run courses internationally.


UK Courses

Dates & Venue

Friday 19th, Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st October 2018
Venue: Birkbeck, University of London (Bloomsbury Central London Campus) - Main building, room directed from reception. You can find directions at this link.
Time: 10am – 5.30pm
CPD Certification: 19.5 CPD hours, awarded by Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies.
Cost: £347 including certification.

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