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Past Life Transpersonal Therapy Book Healing From The Other Side

With just a few days to go until the release of our latest book, Healing from the Other Side, in which we detail the process of Past Life Transpersonal Therapy, we are still getting reviews in. Here is the latest one …

Healing from the Other Side is an extraordinary book. Dr. Tom Barber and Dr. Sandra Westland have taken great care to present a very clear, complete, and detailed piece of work. They elaborate on many of the facets of past life regression that are of great importance, including some of the approaches I work with myself in Transgenerational Psychotherapy and Ontogonia. This book is a wonderfully interesting and important addition to the literature that I became completely immersed in, and which will take you deeper into your own existence in a profound and loving way. Thank you!

Professor María Guadalupe Medina Gallardo, PhD, Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist,
Certified Integrative Transgenerational and Ontogonia Psychotherapist.
Founder of the Instituto de Psicoterapia Humanista (IDEPH)

We are so excited to be bringing you this work, as it has provided healing and transformation for so many people we have worked with, both in our Past Life Transpersonal Therapy workshops, and also with our clients that come for a Past Life Transpersonal Therapy session, to unlock something in their lives.

What You Can Achieve through Past Life Transpersonal Therapy?

Through the process of healing with this approach, you can:

• Find out how your present life is being influenced by your past.
• Relieve symptoms and heal unwanted physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and relationship patterns.
• Break through patterns and blocks in your life.
• Find and energise your natural talents and abilities.
• Expand your intuition and be able to tune into intuitive messages.
• Awaken your spiritual, creative side to establish a more harmonious approach to life.
• Be more connected to yourself and the world.
• Innovate your future.
• Find and feel your true purpose and live a more conscious and aligned life.

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We look forward to hearing your comments!

Tom and Sandra.


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Tom Barber is a Founder and Director of Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies. He runs workshops and lectures across the world in a variety of psychological approaches. He is a bestselling author of 5 books and maintains a private practice in London and Essex.

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