Past Life Regression Therapy


In life, problems can seem to linger no matter how hard we work on ourselves. Issues such as phobias, anxiety, obsessions, low moods, procrastination, and relationship issues can grip our lives and stop us having the confidence to be ourselves, and to do what we really want to do in life.

This is because we enter our current life without conscious awareness of the unfinished business we carry from one or more past lives. The unfinished business from the past remains ever present in our current life, experienced in the difficulties that are seeking a resolution for complete inner freedom and peace.

Some of the strongest patterns and themes that are felt as 'pervasive moods' can have their roots in unresolved matters from past lives, such as:

  • Uncompleted final dying thoughts, feelings, desires and wishes.
  • Sudden or unexpected death in the physical form.
  • Violent and Traumatic death.
  • Painful separation from family members, loved friends and soul mates.
  • Unresolved feelings of anger, sadness, loss, frustration and other difficult emotions left without resolution.
  • A need for retribution against those that did us grave harm.
  • The harbouring of guilt and shame of not standing by a promise or pact with or for another.
  • Overwhelming desire to ‘put things right,’ and to ‘right a wrong.’
  • Continuing symbolic representations playing out through dreams, nightmares and a sense of foreboding.
  • A repeating sense of doom at various times of year, such as anniversaries, seasons, and changes in sunlight hours.

What would it be like to discover how you can resolve issues that seem to have ‘always’ been present in your life, even when you have no idea why?

How would you feel to find out how to break deeply entrenched patterns that really make your life difficult?

Imagine experiencing deep healing and resolution in the unresolved more quickly than with other more conventional therapeutic approaches, bringing you the peace and grounding you long for.

Learning Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy skills

You can now delve in to the fascinating world of Past Life Regression, with one of the leading trainers in the UK. This online program, which contains over 20 sessions of video instruction, which are optimised for PC and all Mobile formats (tablets, phones), 2 hours of demonstrations, presentation slides and audio downloads, means learning Past Life Regression Therapy to add to your repertoire couldn't be easier.

You will explore areas such as:

  • The issue of your name and identity.
  • Factors of Soul Relationships.
  • Cultural differences in memory and memory retrieval.
  • How 'Karma' sits within time.
  • Genetic memory, and memory anomalies.
  • Your personal pull towards history.
  • The Akashic Records.
  • Ideas supporting the notion of the Higher Self.
  • The Ether, and Etheric existence.
  • Connecting to the Sixth Sense.
  • Astral Planing and Time travel.
  • The Basic PLR Process: Regression bridge, Embody the character, Establish the scene, Explore the past life, The Death Transition, Integration.
  • Brain states - BETA, ALPHA, THETA, DELTA.
  • Brain state importance
  • The purpose of regression.
  • The PLR Induction.
  • Contraindications to treatment.
  • Dealing with Unfinished Business.
  • Jung's 5 Forms of rebirthing.
  • The Advanced PLR Process: Regression bridge, Embody the character, Establish the scene, Explore the past life, The Death Transition, Integration, The Spirit realms: Confronting the Past Life Characters, Meeting Your Spirit Guides, Body Selection, Integration.


With PLR therapy you can:

  • Clear emotional anxieties, long standing trauma and physiological problems that have seemingly been stuck.
  • Reconnect relationships that have become difficult so you can re-harmonise your life.
  • Understand and change old unwanted behaviours, patterns and reactions that are no longer needed or relevant.
  • Unearth and enlighten past life gifts and talents that haven’t yet been acknowledged so that they can be integrated into this life.
  • Reveal past life souls that are in your current life and experience dramatically deeper connections with others.
  • Psychologically, socially, physically and spiritually unify past life experiences and karma with your experience of your current life.
  • Reconnect with your Spiritual Self for greater connection with your innate wisdom, able to make better decisions and balance your heart and your head.
  • Be open to receiving spiritual guidance and direction that will lead you to your intended life purpose and mission.
  • Experience universally connected wisdom through the ether to expand your awareness and enhance your life connection.

“For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans.”
~ Brian L. Weiss

Sharon took the Past Life Regression course and this is what she says:

sharon-carley150“I attended the Past Life Regression Therapy course not really knowing what to expect. I learned that a client can safely be regressed to a past life at such a deep level, and I found what was gained from the session was truly amazing to see. An added bonus is to have access to the online program which can be looked at time and time again, and is easily and readily accessible.

I would strongly recommend this Past Life Regression Therapy course. The teaching and demonstrations are by far of a superior quality and depth, which elevates the understanding of the techniques used." Sharon, Kent.

After a Past Life Regression session Amanda revealed the powerful impact on her life:

woman-picture-small"In my past life regression with Tom, I explored the intensive training that Roman soldiers had to go through. Taken away from my mother at the age of 4, I was able sense the honour and pride I felt, despite missing my mum tremendously. However, when confronted to battle, I was unable to fight and hid into safety. Somehow what seemed at the time like cowardliness was never discovered. I returned to Rome with the honour and medals of a war hero. My biggest sorrow was to never have been given the opportunity to go back to battle and prove my bravery. For the rest of that life as a soldier, right up to the time of my death, I carried the heavy burden of being a coward feeling I didn't belong, deeply ashamed of who I was.

The therapeutic healing of this past life regression session came to light a year later when I fell in love with a soul incarnated in the same body gender of mine. Because of my rigid upbringing, the shame and internal prejudice I experienced at the time was almost unbearable, until one day I made the correlation between both lives. The young soldier I was in my past life spent most of his life terribly ashamed of not being able to conform with what had been expected of him.

Still a few centuries later, I am proud of him for sticking to his instincts and turning his back to killing. In the same manner - despite my initial shame and family humiliation I am proud to have fought for the love that unexpectedly took over my soul. I eventually found peace and experienced the most loving and giving relationship I have ever had in this lifetime. Both lives taught me the healing power of self-compassion and unconditional love towards oneself." Amanda, London.


You will have lifetime access to over 20 instructional video sessions in this course, and as the sessions are also contained on our servers you will not need to download any files, or have any space taken up by DVDs. Included also are instructional PowerPoint slides, verbatim text versions of the videos so you can refer to them in your work with clients, as well as Audio files so that you can listen to the techniques.

You can take as much time as you want to study the PLR therapy approach and technique in your own time through your Personal Online Member’s portal on either your computer, tablet or phone (all platforms included such as iPhone and Android, etc.)


For 'true in-depth' learning, this program really will make a difference with your understanding of past lives and how to use that knowledge in your therapy and coaching. But don't take our word for it. Try it for 30 days and if you're not completely satisfied you can get a full refund, no questions asked!

CPD Certification

Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies validates this course for a total of 8 hours of Continuing Professional Development. Once you have completed each section of this course, which is logged within your online student progress record, you will be awarded the CCTS CPD Certification for this course.


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