Past Life Regression Therapy – How to eradicate troubling symptoms whether you believe or not?

past life regression therapy

There are four main ways of coming to the Past Life Regression phenomenon.

Many people hear of past life regression and past lives and consider the whole idea a little fanciful, or even absurd. These kind of reactions are often encountered by those working with transpersonal psychology, and in areas which don't fit in with present day statistical driven scientific approaches.

However, there are different ways of looking at the whole area of past life regression ...

1) The Psychic: Some individuals feel they can reach channelled teachings through connecting with spirit guides. This is where past life readings are undertaken through mediums.

Here there is a profound belief in the soul journeying from life time to life time and through medium readings you can find the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ for your life’s challenges.

2) The Parapsychological: This is the scientific and experimental investigations into past lives, looking for evidence to prove the phenomenon exists.

Dr Ian Stephenson is probably one of the best known collectors of scientific data looking to provide scientific evidence for reincarnation.

He collected 3000 case studies of individuals who described having awareness of a past life including significant information that identified that past life, and included knowledge of how they died. These were then verified.

3) The Religious: Eastern traditions are complex. Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, spiritual authorities with generations of insights and teachings to share.

Karma, the psychic inheritance and accumulation of mankind’s thoughts and actions as passed on through the great cycle of rebirth.

4) The Psychotherapeutic: Belief in the existence of past lives is irrelevant. All that is needed is an awareness of the healing power of the unconscious mind.

The Past Life Transpersonal Therapy technique has shown time and time again to create profound changes in people. It uses the active imagination, developing a life story to death to get to the suffering that is causing present day symptoms or challenging events.

It works at a high level of consciousness and connects with the deeper sense of ourselves, in an imaginal way. It helps deepen self-understanding and healing with the focus being on the person and not whether the event in the past actually existed or not.

Believe in Your Imagination

We look at these various perspectives in more detail in the book. The main point though, is that believing in past lives is not necessary. Simply believing in the power of the creative imagination and an openness to possibilities is.

Find out more in Healing from the Other Side: The Guide to Breaking Down Barriers and Finding Freedom with Past Life Regression Therapy or delve even deeper on our Past Life Transpersonal Therapy™ certified course.

Healing from the Other Side

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