FREE 1 Day Hypnosis & NLP Course LIVE in London with Dr Tom Barber and Dr Sandra Westland

A Day of Transformation Awaits You!

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Join two of the most experienced, highly educated and respected trainers in the UK for a FREE day of inspirational education and insight in the Power of Your Mind!

Sat 20th May 2017 - Central London

Get awarded your Certificate in Hypnosis & NLP Skills!

Are you ready for a major life breakthrough? Our guess is that you are! We want you to be able to say that 2017 was the most powerful year of your life yet!

Over an entire day we're going to share the most amazing, personally transformative and empowering training on Hypnosis and NLP for free.

Yes, that’s right, we are offering this training to you completely FREE of charge!

Why FREE? Quite simply because we take great joy in seeing people, just like you, use these skills to break through challenges and create real results in their life, businesses, work, and relationships.

You will learn an amazing array of innovative techniques and strategies that will take your personal mastery of communication, and life, to an entirely new level!

Watch and listen below how others, just like you, have benefited tremendously from taking just one day of their life and investing it in their personal growth and development.


Here at Contemporary College we offer the “Unity Advantage” where we integrate different therapies so that we match with the client rather than they match us.

Our philosophy is exactly the same for our Free Training.

Our aim is to simply give you and as many people as we can, the knowledge about how Hypnosis and NLP can make a difference and enhance lives.

We learned this over many years of training and personal experience and we simply want to pass that knowledge on to you quicker than it has taken us in a way that’s practical and simple for all.

You can attend the day, to find out just how to use Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and NLP to transform your life and give you back control, choice and clarity.


Of course, we hope that you love your experience with us so much that you want more! Particularly if you are looking for a change of career (to becoming a therapist or coach), or you want to benefit from a Personal Development programme with us.


We simply love sharing with as many people as possible the best way to change an old habit or response, how to improve communication, or what you can do in order to make the changes to get the life you want.

Hypnosis and NLP, in our 40+ years of experience, are the best tools available to you to do this.

Here's what you'll learn ...


  • How hypnosis and your imagination works and how to utilise the trance states already happening in your everyday life to get clarity in your behaviours, reactions, thoughts and feelings.
  • The different states of the mind such as alpha, beta, theta and delta states, and what can be achieved when you move into different brain states, and states of consciousness.
  • A variety of Hypnotic Inductions and Self Hypnosis methods that can be adapted to your unique individual personality, so hypnosis works each and every time.
  • How to use the art of hypnotic suggestion to create changes in your behaviours, in areas such as habits, phobias, anxiety, pain, confidence, and more.
  • The specific principles of the mind and how they guide your learning, thinking, behaviour and creative intelligence.


  • How thoughts and feelings are not random. Understand how you structure your internal world to help you communicate, be heard and deal with difficult situations.
  • How to use inside and outside thinking to deal with stress, prepare for big events and make the most of those great times too!
  • How to set new directions and create change that lasts. Learn how to lose weight, get a new job, commit to exercising, stop procrastination, and change unhelpful habits that are holding you back.
  • How your self-talk works for you. Learn ways to deal with worry and criticism to take back control, and react in ways that get you heard.
  • How to step into the most productive state and mind-set to make quality decisions, overcome lack of confidence and perform to your very best.

You’ll get to spend dedicated time with us, and also find out about personalised programs you can take to advance your psychology to the next level.

Hypnosis and NLP can boost confidence, lessen anxiety, get rid fears and phobias, change the deeper core beliefs holding you back, and is effective when working with past traumatic events.

Every time we hear “Does ‘IT’ work” (meaning Hypnosis) or “What’s NLP?”, we know we have still some way to go in getting the message out there, so we keep on doing what we love and make it as accessible to as many people as possible.

What attendees of our courses have said …

monica-varo“I decided to train in hypnotherapy and I came across Contemporary College. It turned out that I didn't only train with the best, but it changed my life this well. It's been an honour to work with Tom and Sandra, the courses they offer are highly recommend … they help you learn with passion and knowledge, and are world class! Thank you so much for being there!” - Monica Varo


“There are many reasons I decided to become a therapist - Sandra is one of them! Sandra was my trainer when I first embarked on the Hypnosis and NLP course for fun. What I learned on that course is still helpful to me several years later. Sandra is insightful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject as well as being a very talented therapist. I would recommended Sandra as a trainer to anyone.” - Nigel Smaller


"Tom is inspirational. His generosity in sharing and teaching gives those he works with skills beyond any syllabus. His approachable nature and wealth of experience make him unique as a teacher, therapist, colleague and human being. If you want to grow I recommend sun, food water and Tom." - Bobby Keeling

sandy-robson"CCTS is one of the most comprehensive, supportive and professional learning environments I have ever encountered, in my many years of training. The tuition is excellent, delivered to a very high standard. You know that when you receive your diploma, you are ready, prepared and fully able to see clients." - Sandy Robson



"Learning with you has been the richest experience of my life. I was not only learning life changing skills to improve people’s ways of thinking but also changing myself. Now thanks to you I can use with my clients the tools to be how they want to be and go where they were planning.
I’m amazed with the results I’m seeing." - Carmen Oca

Certification of Personal Development

You will receive a Certificate in Hypnosis and NLP Skills (CPD Certificate Provided: 6 hours)


Dates and Timings

Saturday 20th May, 10am – 5pm, Birkbeck, University of London, Central London - Directions here.

People who come on this course are often thinking of a change of career and are checking out our methods, philosophies and quality. Some just have an interest and want to know more about how they can help themselves.


Click the button below to book your place now. All we ask is that you provide a £50 deposit to book your place, which is fully refunded back to your card upon your attendance on and completion of the day. This is so we are able to calculate the amount of people attending and can organise the day appropriately. Once you have booked, if don't attend the day the deposit is non-refundable. Tea/Coffee and light refreshments will be provided.

maria-fielding-2"CCTS has given me the training and education to run my own business for the last four years. I loved every minute of all of the training I have received with them, they are highly recommended." - Maria Fielding

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