EMDR Course Pre-Training Requirements and Coursework

To attend the CCTS 2-day EMDR Diploma, which is the Protocol Module, non-CCTS students must have completed the following pre-training requirements.

  1. A minimum of 130 guided learning hours at practitioner diploma level. A copy of your certification will be required with your booking.
  2. This must include training in hypnotherapy, to include regression, and imagery and/or parts therapy.
  3. This must also include counselling skills and theory, to include elements of CBT and psychodynamic therapy.
  4. Attendees must possess confidence and competency in the skills of reflecting, silence, paraphrasing, and immediacy.
  5. Professional and ethical practice issues, as well as a focus on self development, will have been part of your training.


  • 2  client case studies detailing a minimum of 3 session in each case.
  • Case studies will detail the following of the EMDR protocol, as well as process notes, to a maximum word count of 4000 words each.

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