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 If you would like to deepen your knowledge and expertise in working analytically with parts of a clients personality, including using advanced inner child therapy methods, or you are looking to add some fresh inspiration into your work ... then this is for you!

"I am still learning." ~ Michelangelo

The best continual learning process of any craft is to look at and learn from the work of others.

Dr Tom Barber and Dr Sandra Westland have been therapists for nearly 40 years between them, have trained and supervised professional therapists for 20 years and have been studying and researching academically in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and NLP for 20 years.

"Amazing training delivered by two amazing trainers." ~ Julita, London.

Our Experience of Analytical Hypnotherapy & Inner Child Work

Over the years we have observed some universal experiences regarding being a skills based practitioner working with a variety of clients with a range of issues.

Some of these you may be able to relate to:

  1. Initially when training begins, some approaches seem more complicated than others, so preferred techniques are developed and others are dropped.
  2. Often the techniques being used don’t get to the root of the problem and it’s hard to know why this is.
  3. In learning the process of various techniques, you can sometimes miss out on fully understanding the theoretical underpinnings of the technique, and how they are applied and adapted to the individual client.
  4. With so much depth in analytical work, what to use, and when, can be a challenge and can lead to the work you do being less effective than it might be. For example … if you are using Inner Child work, but have not educated your client in the different aspects and parts of the personality, this might not make sense to them.
  5. Knowing which analytical methods are more effective for certain types of clients is vitally important. E.g. for the under-resourced client, using Hypnoanalysis too soon may leave them feeling unsafe and thus reluctant to connect with the method.
  6. How do you know what the right techniques are for the right client, in the right order?
  7. Wanting to make the techniques more effective by knowing the nuances that make the difference.
  8. The stages of delivery, the smooth path into the deeper unconscious, the right symbolic methods at the right time and to address the right presenting concern.

How Can You Get Answers to These Questions?

In these unique workshops why not learn, review, modify and further develop your skills through our Integrated Approach to Analytical Hypnotherapy and Inner Child Therapy Work. You may have not yet integrated these methods into your work as a hypnotherapist or counsellor, or you may be completely new to these skills and want to find out more about they can help you and others.

Observe technical live demonstrations, and gain further psychological knowledge that could answer questions you have about working analytically at a developmental level. Fine tune your awareness of the power of re-parenting through Inner Child Work. Add deeper understanding of these methods to your original training.

This Analytical Hypnotherapy and Inner Child Therapy Course could be invaluable to you if …

  • You want to find out how you could use Analytical Hypnotherapy and Inner Child Therapy to improve your life, or maybe train as a therapist in a new career.
  • After your initial training you feel you have some gaps in your understanding and knowledge.
  • You are qualified in Hypnotherapy and/or NLP and have not yet started your practice and are now ready to do so.
  • You would like to find out more about the techniques you are successfully using and how you can develop them further to be even more effective.
  • You want to learn more about how to integrate analytical hypnotherapy and Inner Child Therapy in an ongoing treatment programme.
  • You have questions about certain techniques or particular client issues in your practice.
  • You need a little more confidence in the skills you already have and want something further from your original training.
  • You need to fulfil your CPD commitments.

If you haven't trained in analytical hypnotherapy in your previous training, or your NLP course didn't cover Hypnotherapy then you will vastly benefit from this course. We cover the techniques in detail and so you will be able to add them to your current skills.

"Another excellent course from two excellent trainers. Emotive, empathic and developmental training at its best." ~ Anita, London.

What Will You Learn?

In the course we will cover a variety of ideas and methods relevant to inner child and hypnoanalysis work, such as:

  • The multiple states of consciousness in the presenting problem and the solution.
    • Structural dissociation/splitting/self-hatred/cry for help.
    • The concept of hypnoanalysis and Inner Child therapy and how this is the road to healing and recovery.
  • Importance of dual awareness in the healing process and the challenge and dangers of blending. Knowing when and how to start this work.
  • The two fold recovery process … healing from both the adult and the child. The connection between hypnoanalysis and Inner Child work.
  • Reaching the abandonment depression, which is crucial for change.
  • Working within the 4 processes of grieving to create honest connections with the child.
  • The healing steps:
    • The cognitive level.
    • The emotional level.
    • The abandonment depression level.
    • The integration level.
  • The 5 key qualities for a therapist when working in this way and how to work ethically and safely.
  • How to structure your work week after week for longer term therapy.


This Analytical Hypnotherapy and Inner Child Therapy Course also entitles you to 6.5 hours of CPD Certification.

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"Such a brilliant workshop. I learnt so much and grew hugely. Life changing and inspiring. Thank you." ~ Belinda, London.