Aims and Objectives Diploma in Hypnotherapy

To develop a repertoire of:

  • Cognitive and Behavioural hypnotic interventions.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.
  • Guided and Psycho Imagery techniques.

Analytical skills

To underpin these hypnotherapy techniques with an understanding of:

  • The nature of hypnosis and the mind.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
  • The philosophies of NLP.
  • Analytical Theory and Practice.
  • To integrate hypnosis into an existing therapeutic practice.
  • To increase self-awareness of the individual including the impact on others.

Diploma in Hypnotherapy Course Objectives

  • To know the signs of hypnosis and how to use various hypnotherapy techniques to prompt an hypnotic state.
  • To recognise contraindications of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
  • To gain a practical working knowledge of the conscious and the subconscious as deemed by NLP and Hypnotherapy.
  • To practically experience a range of hypnotherapy techniques that look to move an individual from an unwanted state to a desired state.
  • To appreciate working with a variety of presenting problems e.g. Weight issues, phobias, anxiety, smoking cessation etc… using various hypnotherapy techniques.
  • To practically experience a range of analytical and imagery techniques that explore the inner world of the client and the roots of the problem.
  • Integrate hypnotic interventions into existing practice.

Diploma in Hypnotherapy Course Outcomes

By the end of this hypnotherapy course students will be able to:

Use a range of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques competently and effectively, specifically:

  • Initiating the exploration of presenting problems.
  • Employing a range of hypnotic inductions.
  • Carrying out an NLP and/or hypnotic/psychotherapeutic technique.
  • Processing individual sessions.
  • Concluding individual sessions.
  • Critically evaluating individual sessions.
  • Planning possible future work following a session.
  • Accept and subscribe to an Ethical Framework (e.g. GHR, HA, BACP)
  • Display a working understanding of an integrated approach to Cognitive Behavioural hypnotherapy, NLP and Analytical and Imagery work and of the need to avoid the danger of using hypnotherapy techniques based on a limited understanding.
  • Value and make use of casework supervision.
  • Reflect constructively on self, own life experiences and interactions with others and evidence own personal and professional growth process.

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