Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling (Year 4)


Our Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling is designed for students wanting to take their knowledge and skills to an even deeper level of expertise, and in particular for those who want to add to their training hours with a view to applying for BACP accreditation.

The course will cover in depth counselling, psychotherapy and psychological theory, methods and techniques and additionally introduce you to the practice of supervising therapists and counsellors in practice.

There are 3 modules as follows that cover 107 hours of face to face training:

  • Module 1: Integrative Counselling Skills and Theory

Skills - Here students will cover and further develop use of: rapport building, active listening, silence, reflecting content and feelings, paraphrasing and summarising, focusing and challenging and immediacy. With skills practice and feedback students will become more effective within a long term integrative counselling approach and the building of relational depth. This module is designed to give students the depth to work with distressed clients and at high intensity level.

Theory - There will be an introduction to Egan’s Integrative model exploring an overview, history, philosophical underpinning and Concept of Self, Core condition and working alliance.

  • Module 2: Life Span Psychology

This module will introduce 2 main theories of life span development Erikson's psycho-social crisis model and Levinson’s Seasons of a Man’s Life and critically evaluate them. Students will also explore motor and cognitive development, and landmarks of life such as adolescent identity, marriage, divorce, first child, aging and wisdom. The content of this module will relate to clients, where they are in their life and the presenting issue they bring. It will deepen the knowledge and give greater depth to work undertaken with client.

  • Module 3: Counselling supervision skills and theory

Skills: Students will be given the space to take existing counselling skills and develop them within the supervision context, enhancing the therapeutic process for the client and therapist. Exploration of the triangular relationship (supervisor, therapist and absent client) will allow students to begin to grasp the dynamics which characterise this relationship.

Theory: This module will give a grounding of the different models of supervision and specific guidelines to develop a personal model of effective supervision. Specific supervision issues will be addressed from an Integrative perspective.


7-8 January 2017
11-12 February
4-5 March
25-26 March
8-9 April
6-7 May
10-11 June
1-2 July

Timings: 10am - 5.30pm

Course Fees

The cost is £1800 plus VAT which is divided into a registration fee of £216, followed by 9 monthly payments of £216.

A 10% reduction is offered for paying in full prior to the start of the course.

To get your discounted place please continue with your booking and your registration payment will be included in your amended full payment discounted invoice.

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