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About CCTS

Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies was set up from a passion about integrated training in various models of psychological therapies such as Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching, Psychotherapy and Counselling.Our aim was, and still is, to create an academic and experiential educational experience that raises the standards and effectiveness of therapy in the UK.

What matters to us is that our students benefit both personally and professionally from the highest quality of teaching and learning, excellent resources and an atmosphere that is vibrant, energised and creative, where ultimately students become equipped and confident to work safely and ethically in professional practice.

The courses and workshops we offer cover a wide range of subjects such as coaching, clinical hypnosis and NLP, transpersonal psychology, trauma and PTSD, existentialism, psychological pain control, and resources for therapists and coaches to help them advance their expertise.

We are constantly adding new and exciting courses to our syllabus.

If you’re looking for the highest quality training in psychological therapies then you are in the right place.

Meet the Founders and Directors

Dr Sandra Westland and Dr Tom Barber founded Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies in 2006, from a passion to run integrated training courses in psychological therapies such as Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching. They knew the real tangible difference it makes to those seeking help when they employ the services of therapists that are trained in unique and diverse blends of knowledge and skills.


Dr Sandra Westland

Founder & Director


Dr Tom Barber

Founder & Director

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