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Are you bored of the same thing every day? Do you want to make changes in your life and other people’s? Are you at a crossroads in your life and career – keen to make a change but unsure where to begin?

Then why not start your journey at Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies? Click below to get your FREE Hypnosis & NLP training.

Free Hypnosis and NLP course

Imagine if you could enter a career where you can not only enjoy the flexibility of lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, but also make a real, lasting difference in people’s lives?

Impossible? Well, not if you considered training as a therapist!

There are few careers that can match working as a therapist when it comes to both flexibility and personal satisfaction. There is nowhere better to prepare you for this career than Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies …

Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies – preparing you for a successful career in therapy


Our college was born from a passion for integrated training courses in Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Psychotherapy to create experiential therapeutic training that raises the standards and effectiveness of therapy in the U.K. Studying with us, you will experience…

  • Excellent learning resources.
  • An atmosphere that is vibrant, energised and creative.
  • The ability to help maximise your potential by learning how to combine hypnosis and NLP alongside the skills and theory of psychotherapy and counselling.
  • Benefits both personally and professionally from the highest quality of teaching and learning.
  • How to harness the power of your mind and how to change thoughts, feelings and behaviours, to help people feel that they have had the most powerful year of their lives.

If this is what you are looking for then you are in the right place!

The UK’s finest tutors and practitioners of Hypnotherapy and NLP

Contemporary College provides you with access to tutors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with their students. Every member of our team is an experienced, highly-regarded practitioner in their own right, so you will be able to learn directly from experts who know exactly what it takes to achieve a successful career as a therapist.

Step onto a new path now! We look forward to meeting you and helping you begin your exciting journey!